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Not your ordinary glasses.

5 Reasons that make these glasses special:

  • 1

    Blue-light Protection

    Enjoy uninterrupted productivity with our Blue Light Blocking Glasses that effectively filter blue light, providing you with relief from headaches, eye strain, and dizziness.

    See what people have to say

    “ I used to suffer from eye strain and headaches after long hours of screen time. These have reduced my headaches.

    Gabriel H. - Marseille,France

  • 2

    prescription ready

    Your vision, your way - Le Petit Lunetier glasses & sunglasses seamlessly accommodate your prescription, providing both fashion and clarity.

    See what people have to say

    “ I was surprised by how well their glasses adapted to my prescription, making these my top choice for fashionable eyewear”

    Emma L. - Marseille, France

  • 3

    anti-scratch coating

    Enjoy peace of mind with our top of the line anti-scratch coating, expertly crafted to preserve the pristine condition of your lenses, even during everyday use.

    See what people have to say

    ” These definitely pass the durability test. Mine still look prestine after 9 months of daily use, time for a second pair soon! ”

    Camille Y. - Paris, France

  • 4

    superior all-day comfort

    The lightweight frames and ergonomic design alleviate pressure on your ears and nose, allowing for a comfortable and enjoyable all-day wearing experience.

    See what people have to say

    ” Great comfort after 8 hours shift, i barely felt them on my face which is great because comfort is everything for me. “

    Alice D. - Bordeaux, France

  • 5

    virtual try-on available

    We take the guesswork out of choosing glasses with our virtual try-on feature. Experience the in-store convenience of trying on your favorite pair in just a few seconds, at the comfort of your home.

    See what people have to say

    “ The option to virtually try-on different pairs is what sets this brand apart, it provides safety and reassurance. ”

    Charlotte O. - Toulouse, France

Prescription available on all Blue Light Glasses

100% Blue Light Protection in unmatched style.

Get back to deep work more wired in than ever with our 100% Blue Light Blockers. Our glasses bridge the gap between protection and style.

Our cutting-edge lens technology filters out 100% of the harmful blue light, while our sleek and sophisticated frames exude confidence and class.

Designed in Paris

14 Days Hassle-Free Returns


Happy Customers

87% said they experience less

headaches and fatigue while wearing

Le Petit Lunetier Blue Light Glasses

  • verified review

    “ I hate wearing glasses,

    these are incredibly stylish ”

    “ Usually i hate wearing glasses because they lower my confidence however after trying these from Lunetier, i fell in love with the way the frame shape fits on my face, i’ll be ordering the sunglasses version when summer comes around “

    Mathis K. - Toulouse, France

  • verified review



    “ These blue light glasses not only provide crystal-clear vision but also protect my eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. I can now tackle my daily tasks with confidence and peace of mind “

    Maxime W. - Strasbourg, France

  • verified review

    “ These are some of the most

    stylish glasses i’ve ever tried ”

    “ I adore the versatility of these blue light glasses. Whether I'm working or relaxing, they seamlessly blend with any outfit, making them a stylish and practical accessory. I will be ordering the sunglasses soon and probably put prescription on them as well. “

    Théo P. - Cahors, France

  • verified review

    “ i don’t even feel these on

    during my 6 hour shift, wow! “

    “ These blue light glasses are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. I can go about my tasks without even noticing they're on, all while enjoying the benefits of blue light protection. I need a second pair so i can rotate styles weekly. “

    Louis G. - Carpentras, France

  • verified review

    “ i honestly feel more productive

    thanks to these glasses! “

    “ Wearing these blue light glasses has significantly improved my productivity. The clear lenses and reduced eye strain help me stay focused and accomplish more throughout the day. I will definitely grab some more pairs in the near future from e petit lunetier! “

    Mathis K. - Toulouse, France

  • verified review

    “ prescription glasses that

    actually look stylish, love! “

    “ As someone with a prescription, I appreciate how these blue light glasses seamlessly incorporate my eyewear needs. They offer both style and clear vision. I’ve been wearing mine for little over 1 year and so far they stay in the same good condition. “

    Julien B. - Montpellier, France

Experience the Ultimate in Comfort, Style, and Protection.

Explore the Le Petit Lunetier Blue Light Difference

Blue Light is part of the light visible to our eyes: visible light extends from 380nm to 780nm in wavelength.

Blue light corresponds to the range between 380 and 500 nanometers and can be divided into 2 parts:-

Blue-violet light (between 380 and 455nm), Blue-turquoise light (between 455 and 495nm), essential for regulating our cycle some sleep.

It even has the effect of improving our well-being and our good mood.

Our blue light blocking lenses filter out 30% of blue light.

It is the perfect compromise between effective protection without altering color perception.

Fashionable Sunglasses with Serious UV Protection

Category 3 sunglasses block up to 100% of UV rays. They are designed for prolonged exposure to the sun. Category 2sunglasses block approximately 80% of UV rays, and are suitable for more moderate exposure, such as during a walk in town for example.

For this model

  • Protection: Category 3 degraded

  • Sun lens color: Brown

  • Color of prescription sunglasses: Brown

  • Color of sunglasses with gradient view: Brown

Why Shop with Le Petit Lunetier ?

Prescription Ready, for you.

Experience ultimate clarity and style with our prescription-ready sunglasses and blue light glasses.

Virtually Try it Before you Buy it.

You can virtually try on all of our glasses models on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Quality Checked & Approved.

All our products are tested

and approved by the EN

ISO 12312-1-2013 Standard.

Visit us at one of our 13 optical shops in France.

Our opticians are ready to welcome you across any of our locations in France, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable in-store experience.

Without the need for an appointment, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will provide you with expert advice on selecting the perfect glasses and frames to complement your unique style

Designed in Paris

14 Days Hassle-Free Returns

We take great care to ensure that our stores are warm and inviting, allowing you to browse our wide selection of eyewear in comfort. Furthermore, all of our shops have mutual approval and social security, giving you complete peace of mind when shopping with us.

Designed in Paris

14 Days Hassle-Free Returns

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Ta commande est préparée et expédiée depuis notre atelier à Paris, en France.

Retours et échanges 14 jours.

Prends le temps d'essayer tes nouvelles lunettes. Tu n'aimes pas ? Retourne-les simplement

Paie plus tard.

Paie en 3 fois ou sous 30 jours après l’achat, sans risque et sans tracas !

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