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Blue Light Filter

Nos montures pour se protéger de la lumière bleue nocive des écrans.

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106 articles 1 article Aucun article
We spend around 6 hours every day in front of screens: TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones are part of everyday life, from morning to evening. If you become aware of any fatigue, migraines, or problems sleeping, it's time to protect yourself from blue light! The Le Petit Lunetier blue light filter collection features on-trend glasses with prescription-free lenses that include a blue light filter. These special lenses reduce pain from headaches as well as combating fatigue, drying and prickling of the eyes after a day of work in front of the computer screen. They also help you to fall asleep if you can't go without another episode of your favourite TV show before bed. The prescription-free lenses with a blue light filter can easily be worn with contact lenses. All payments are carried out securely via our platform. Orders are ready to ship within 24 hours and will be delivered within 5 to 7 working days. After receiving your order, you have 14 calendar days to withdraw from your contract, if wanted. The Le Petit Lunetier team is made up of qualified opticians, and all of our models can be ordered with prescription lenses.