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The brand


We all have our own vision of things. It’s a way of seeing the world, always very personal, strong, beautiful, authentic. It’s a perspective, an angle of view. It is an original and unique way of interpreting what surrounds us, of understanding it, of experiencing it, of imagining what comes next. Because you have built your vision of things over the course of what you have experienced, over the course of beautiful past moments, encounters, trials too, this vision is truly YOUR vision. A unique, intimate vision that defines who you are

Sometimes this view of things can seem strange to others. This friend who is a fan of astrology and who says that “it’s normal that you don’t believe in it, you’re a Scorpio”; this friend who tells you that he has met the woman of his life every 15 days; this friend who doesn't like cheese but loves raclette; that friend who wears clothes that only he could wear and you only understand 40% of what he tells you; that friend who becomes bilingual in any language after 2 drinks; this friend who supports the most unsustainable football club in the history of the universe; this friend who changed her hair color 14 times in the last 6 months. They have their own unique vision of things, but that’s also and above all why you love them. 

At Le Petit Lunetier, we are fans of your vision of things. This is why we do glasses in your image, frames of character that reveal this magical view that you have on things. Because there is nothing more beautiful than see the world through your eyes


Your style. Your glasses. Your vision of things.

Our history

Le Petit Lunetier was initially two friends: Elie, a trained optician, and Jérémie, who, in 2015, took on the challenge of rethinking the traditional production model and distribution of glasses, by removing all intermediaries, to offer style glasses, in tune with the times, durable and high quality, at a truly accessible price

We were born on the Internet and very quickly more and more of you joined our community. But gradually, we felt the need to build an even more direct relationship with you and also open physical stores. To meet you and allow you to experience Le Petit Lunetier’s experience and expertise, in real life.

This proximity and this human relationship, contained in our name, “Le Petit Lunetier”, is certainly the most important thing that we cultivate on a daily basis, in everything we do. We are a human-sized team: Le Petit Lunetier is our Studio, which designs the models in Paris; our workshops; our 15 stores throughout France; 30 passionate people; and above all you, ourincredible community

We assemble our glasses and prepare orders directly in our premises, in Paris, every day, which allows us to guarantee a very high quality requirement and to react quickly in case of problems, thanks to our incredible Customer Service team. And because optician is a profession of expertise, whether in store or on our e-shop, our qualified opticians are there to provide you with advice from health professionals.

Our products

Our frames and accessories

How can we guarantee truly accessible prices and, at the same time, high quality in the designs, manufacturing and durability of our glasses? By removing all intermediaries, without compromising on the design of our models. Concretely, how does this happen ? We will explain everything to you :

First step: our Creative Studio, in Paris, imagines and designs all our frames. The important thing for us, in the imagination of our collections, is to succeed in capturing the spirit of the times and transmitting it in iconic models, real pieces of style, always with that little something extra , the Le Petit Lunetier touch. 

Our frames are then produced in our partner workshop, based in Hong Kong, which we have chosen meticulously and with whom we have been working for 6 years. We go on site regularly to work on materials, manufacturing quality and convey the spirit of our collections. 

Our glasses are finally fully assembled, tested, checked, adjusted, tightened, cleaned, pampered, loved and shipped from our premises in Paris, every day: this is what allows us to offer this very great quality of products and service, specific to Le Petit Lunetier. 

Our glasses

Our lenses are manufactured in the European Union, in Portugal, by the glassmaker Shamir, which is a subsidiary of Essilor, an expert in optical lenses. Shamir is based in Collégien in Seine-et-Marne (77) and delivers our prescription lenses twice a day, which allows us to prepare 90% of our glasses in less than 24 hours!

For the remaining 10%, these are larger prescription lenses, progressive lenses or refined or degraded sun lenses. They take longer to produce at the glassmaker and can take up to 10 days to be manufactured and delivered to our workshop, which explains the slightly longer shipping times. 

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Our community

Le Petit Lunetier is above all a community. If you also like to create your own style; if you too think that we should all be free to be who we want to be, no matter where we come from; if you too think that having good style does not necessarily mean wearing very expensive pieces and that with a little taste you can create iconic styles: join us

There are already more than 220,000 on Instagram and 16,000 on TikTok . We share your styles , your anecdotes ; we co-create our future glasses and future collections with you; we answer your questions ; We share previews of our new collections and good deals . And we have a lot of fun there!

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