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Find all of our advice and guides to help you purchase or maintain your favorite pair of glasses.

Mutual reimbursement and social security

It is possible to request coverage for your pair of glasses purchased on our site from social security and mutual insurance, if you are eligible.
Orders placed in store are also eligible for a refund, as in all optical stores.


The conditions to be eligible for support are as follows:

  • Have a prescription less than 5 years old
  • Not having benefited from reimbursement for glasses during the current calendar year (according to your mutual insurance contract, to be verified)

    A single optical equipment (including a pair of prescription glasses) can be reimbursed per calendar year or every 2 years, depending on your mutual insurance contract. If you order several pairs, we will ensure that the paid invoice and care sheet relate to the most expensive equipment.


    As soon as your pair of glasses is ready, we will send you the order tracking by email, and your care sheet and paid invoice as attachments.


    Indicate last name, first name, date of birth and Social Security number of the person who is insured.

    2/ “PRESCRIPTOR” section

    This is the information from your ophthalmologist.
    His identification number is indicated on the prescription, it is made up of 9 digits, the first 2 of which correspond to the department where he practices. Also indicates his name and the date the prescription was prescribed.

    3/ Sign the care sheet



  • Your care sheet completed and signed, printed in color, double-sided
  • A copy of your prescription

  • Your invoice paid
  • A copy of your prescription
  • FAQs

    Is it possible to obtain a refund without a prescription?

    NO. You must have a prescription of at least 5 years if you are between 16 and 42 years old, or less than 1 year if you are under 16 years old.
    If you are over 43, your prescription must be less than 3 years old to be eligible for reimbursement from social security and your mutual insurance company.

    How do I know the amount of my refund?

    Social Security reimburses according to a pre-established scale (which takes your correction into account). The scale is available by clicking here
    If you have complementary health insurance, contact them directly before purchasing if you want to have the exact amount.
    We can provide you with a detailed quote to send to your health insurance provider, which will help you obtain the possible reimbursement amount.

    Do you do third party payment?

    NO, We do not do third-party payment, so you must advance the costs in full before requesting coverage.

    I have already used my prescription to be reimbursed for previous equipment. Can I still be reimbursed by Social Security and my mutual insurance company?

    Yes, provided that you have not already been reimbursed for a pair of prescription glasses during the current calendar year and that your prescription is valid.
    Please note: some mutual insurance companies reimburse more than one piece of optical equipment per year or authorize a second reimbursement in the event of breakage.

    Do you take care of CSS (formerly CMU) patients?

    Unfortunately, we do not do teletransmission for orders placed on the Internet (you must flash the vital card to transmit your information to social security). We invite you to come to our stores, where we can do so without worry.

    Remaining charge 0 since January 1, 2020

    Le Petit Lunetier offers a selection of frames that comply with 100% Health regulations, allowing 100% coverage by social security.
    You can find this offer in this category: 100% Health . By placing an order on our website outside of this 100% Health category, you agree to order a frame and lenses called Panier B, corresponding to the free offer in the standardized quote.

    Validation of your order and payment is equivalent to acceptance and digital signature of the 'free offer' part of the new standardized quote.

    For any additional requests or questions, our customer service can be reached Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., by email: .