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Find all of our advice and guides to help you purchase or maintain your favorite pair of glasses.

Adjust my glasses

Because you have just received your new pair of Le Petit Lunetier glasses, you need to adjust them for your face. There are 2 points to take into account:
Style and Comfort

  • Style: the goal is for your frame to fall just below your eyebrows, but obviously it shouldn't fall too low either.
  • Comfort: you simply need to be comfortable with your glasses on your nose, that wearing them is pleasant and above all not a nuisance.

  • To do this, there are two elements of the glasses that are adjustable: the silicone tips that rest on the nose, called pads, and the ends of the temples, called sleeves.

    Keep in mind that the settings depend not only on your face, but also on how you wear your glasses. Don't neglect comfort, or you risk not wearing your glasses!

    To help you, we have prepared some explanations, diagrams and videos which you will find below.


    The two pads do not have to be oriented the same way, because your nose may not be oriented the same way.
    Think about it: no face is perfectly symmetrical!

    If, as in this diagram, you find that the mount is too high, the pads need to be moved apart. This will bring the mount back down.

    How to do
    Simply place your thumb on the pad, and press lightly to move the metal support and push the pad back.
    Then do the same for the second.

    If, on the contrary, you find that your glasses are too low as in this diagram, the pads must be tightened.

    How to do
    Pinch the pad between your thumb and index finger, and bring each pad towards each other to tighten them. This will allow the frame to sit higher on your nose.

    We have prepared a short video for you so that you can see the movements to reproduce:


    You can adjust the sleeves to either move the frame forward or back on your face: this will also affect the height of the frame. The muffs are the part that sits over your ears.

    Here again nothing very complicated, there are two possible manipulations:

    You can either extend or straighten the sleeve, depending on whether you want to move the mount forward or backward.
  • Elongated sleeve, horizontal: the branch will be looser on your ear, which will move the frame forward and therefore lower on your nose.
  • Sleeve straightened, vertical: the frame will be held more by your ear, and therefore higher on your nose.

  • There we also prepared a little video for you:

    Now that your glasses are properly adjusted, discover our tips for taking care of them by clicking here .

    If you have any questions, need help or just want to leave us a sweet note: