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The Blue Light: Let's learn to protect ourselves

We have all already heard about blue light and the numerous studies that talk about its harmful effects on our eyes and our health , in the short and long term. How can we protect ourselves?

In recent years we have learned to protect our skin and our eyes from the harmful effects of rays ultraviolet (UV), so much that we incorporated sunscreen and sunglasses to our life daily, and even to our style. Each of us goes through average 6 hours per day in front a screen, it is high time to know how to deal with blue light.

“We spend on average 6 hours per day in front of one or more screens”


Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum which comes from the sun. To understand to what extent she is powerful, just look the sky. It appears to us in color blue because blue light is that who produces the greatest quantity of energy and that which is most widespread. Let us imagine then, during a moment, its possible effects on our eyes.

How are we exposed?

We are exposed to two types of blue light:

  • - The blue light that comes from the sun (blue-turquoise) is used by our body to regulate our sleep cycle and also helps us improve our state of alertness, our reaction time, and even our good mood.
  • - Blue light coming from our screens (blue-violet). We can found in many of our electronic devices, because it is emitted by “LED” lights which are part of their lighting technology. The light blue is therefore present on our televisions, computers, smartphones, tablets...


Prolonged, unprotected exposure to blue light can cause:

Vision problems:

Our eyes make a huge effort to adjust to the light from screens. The muscles of the eye eventually become tired and tight. This is one of the main factors in the development of AMD (macular degeneration linked to age), which is one of the leading causes of blindness in industrialized countries.

Sleep problems:

Exposure to blue light, especially evening, reduces the production of melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for regulating sleep, and can therefore disturb it or even cause insomnia.

other problems:

Visual fatigue, poor productivity work, blurred vision, migraines, neck or back pain...


In the same way that we use sunglasses to counter the effects of UV rays, today we have glasses with completely transparent lenses that selectively filter blue light and allow us to:

  • - Let the blue-turquoise light pass through, which helps our well-being.
  • - Reduce exposure to blue-violet light and UV rays.
  • - Prevent premature aging of our eyes and reduce the risk of age-related blindness.
The glasses in our blue light collection are sent by default with anti-blue light lenses without correction.

We also offer an anti-blue light filter on prescription lenses at a price of €79.95. To do this, you must order the product “Lenses for your eyesight, anti-blue light and anti-reflective treatment” in the Optics section. These lenses will automatically be thinned according to your correction.

For more questions about blue light or anti-light lenses blue available for our glasses, do not hesitate to contact us !

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