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Ana.E 6 to 10 years Pink

€24.99 €34.99
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    📞 Appelle-nous 

    Besoin d'aide pour commander à ta vue ?
    Appelle-nous entre 9h30 et 22h 7j/7 pour être conseillé.e par notre équipe d'opticiens.
    Numéro : 01 84 60 71 13

    Blue light

    Blue light

    Blue Light is part of the light visible to our eyes: visible light ranges from 380nm to 780nm wavelength.
    Blue light corresponds to the range between 380 and 500 nanometers and can be divided into 2 parts:
    - Blue-violet light (between 380 and 455nm)
    - Blue-turquoise light (between 455 and 495nm), essential for regulating our sleep cycle. It even has the effect of improving our well-being and our good mood.

    Our anti-blue light lenses filter 30% of blue light.
    It is the perfect compromise between effective protection without altering color perception.

    Short circuit manufacturing

    Short circuit manufacturing

    All our frames are designed in our workshop in Paris, and are then produced in Asia, in specialist eyewear factories, meticulously chosen by us.

    The glasses are then transported to our workshop in Paris and are fully assembled, adjusted and loved.

    Our optical workshop is located in our offices in Paris: all the lenses are cut and mounted there.

    Covered by mutual insurance

    Covered by mutual insurance

    Support conditions:

    • Have a prescription less than 5 years old
    • Not having benefited from reimbursement for glasses during the current calendar year (according to your mutual insurance contract, check)

    All mutual insurance companies are eligible.

    You will receive by email the care sheet to send to social security and the paid invoice to send to the mutual insurance company.

    More info here.

    Hard to choose? Ask professionals for advice.

    Hard to choose? Ask professionals for advice.

    Want to be advised by health professionals? Our opticians welcome you to the store, without an appointment, to help you choose the perfect frame.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Elodie TREGUIER
    Une petite fille heureuse

    Ma fille à 7 ans et elle lui vont comme un gant. Les lunettes ne font pas bébé très jolie et agréable a porter d'après ma fille.

    Lucie Regal

    Je suis ravis, elles sont magnifiques ! Adopter dès leurs arrivées


    Ma fille de 12ans les adore elles lui vont parfaitement . On adore. De plus un service au top et rapide

    laetitia beauchemin

    Pas decue de mon choix pour ma fille et moi même

    Cool Kids x Le Petit Lunetier collection.
    Glasses for cool kids (and cool parents).
    Le Petit Lunetier is launching its first range of glasses for children. Fun, cute and everyday wearable, they will protect their eyes while giving them a cool look. kid.


    - Category 3 polarized lenses
    - Soft and resistant materials
    - Fixing cord