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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • Questions before ordering
    • COVID-19

      Due to the new restrictions related to COVID-19, we would like to inform you of the following details regarding your orders on our website:

      - The shipping time for your country remains the same and does not change because of the restrictions
      - Our team prepares the order for shipment within 24 hours (for all orders without prescription lenses).
      - If you order prescription lenses, these lenses are produced especially for you, which means that the production process takes up to 7 working days, before the order can be shipped
      Our team works - in compliance with all necessary safety measures - to process all orders as quickly as possible.
      If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

      Our customer service is always there for you. You can contact us from Monday to Friday.  

    • Do you offer glasses without prescription?

      Of course! All our glasses are fitted with non-prescription lenses that feature a blue light filter. This blue light filter protects your eyes from the harmful blue light that is emitted from artificial light sources such as computers, mobile phones, tablets etc. Do you want to find out more about blue light? Click here.

    • What payment methods do you accept?

      We accept the following payment methods: credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and American Express), PayPal, SOFORT banking by klarna, Bancontact and iDeal.

    • To which countries do you deliver, and how long does delivery take?

      We deliver to almost all of Europe, Canada and the USA. Delivery costs are € 4,99. You can find an accurate list of all countries in the "Customer Information" section of the order process.
      We strive to process all orders and release them for delivery within 24 hours of receipt. (Orders placed between Friday and Sunday evening will be processed on Monday morning.)
      Delivery within France takes 48h to 72h.
      Delivery within Europe takes 5-10 working days.
      Delivery for distant countries takes until 15 working days.

    • Is it possible to collect my order directly from your store?

      All orders placed online are automatically prepared for delivery to the address provided, and unfortunately cannot be collected directly from our boutiques.

    • Do you deliver to ParcelShops?

      Unfortunately we are not currently able to deliver to ParcelShops.

    • Are your lenses and frames certified?

      All of our products carry the CE mark. They are subjected to regular quality checks to ensure that they meet all the necessary requirements.
      Our sunglasses lenses filter out 100% UV rays and are fitted with filter category 3 lenses.
      Our blue light filter glasses and prescription lenses come from the same lens manufacturer that supplies most of Paris' opticians. They come from the Shamir brand, which has been an established and highly regarded brand for many years. All lenses are produced in the European Union.

    • Is it possible to try models on before purchase?

      You can try on all of our glasses at any time online with our "Virtual try-on" feature.
      We also welcome you in our French boutiques !

    • What is the difference between the atelier collection and the other glasses?

      Our special atelier collection features exclusively high-quality materials and precise workmanship.
      Would you like to find out more about this collection? Click here:

    • Can I use two promotional codes at the same time?

      No, multiple promotional codes cannot be combined.

    • How can I pay with a gift voucher?

      To redeem your gift voucher on your next purchase, you must simply enter the code on the voucher into the "Gift card or discount code" box during the payment process.

    • Can I redeem a promotional code at the same time as a gift voucher?

      Unfortunately, promotional codes and gift vouchers cannot be combined.

  • Questions about ordering
    • I have not received an order confirmation. What now?

      After you have completed your order, a confirmation email will be sent automatically. If you do not receive this email, this may be due to one of the following reasons:
      - The email may have arrived in your Spam folder
      - You may not have provided the correct email address. In this case, we will be happy to correct this and resend your email. Please contact us at

    • I have not received a delivery confirmation with my tracking number

      We send your tracking number within 48 hours of passing your order on to the postal service.
      Please note that if you have ordered prescription lenses, the preparation time can be up to 7 working days, as are produced especially for you. If you still have not received a delivery confirmation within 7 working days, please contact us and we will immediately check on the status of your order.

    • I made an error when placing my order (incorrect product ordered, incorrect delivery address supplied, etc.). Can I still change this?

      We try and process all orders as soon as possible. Because of this, you have up to one hour to correct any details after placing your order. Please contact us at contact@lepetitlunietier and let us know exactly what you wish to change (correct delivery address, product etc.) and we will try and make the correction for you.

    • How will I receive my invoice?

      For environmental reasons, we no longer send out paper invoices inside our packages. We will send you your invoice in your order confirmation email, which you can download as a PDF.

    • I have a problem with my delivery. What should I do?

      Please contact us at and we will try and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

    • My tracking number doesn't work

      It can take up to 48 hours for the tracking number to appear in the postal service's information system.

    • My order is displaying the status "delivered", but I have not received anything

      Your delivery was sent to the address provided. An error may have occurred on the part of the postal service. There are three possibilities:
      - The postal service has erroneously changed the delivery status. In most cases, if you wait for 1 or 2 days, the parcel usually arrives.
      - Ask your neighbours whether they have received your parcel.
      - The parcel may have been left with your building's concierge or placed directly in your mailbox.
      Still haven't located your parcel? Please let us know within 7 days if your delivery is showing the status "delivered" but you have not received anything. After this period, we cannot classify the parcel as lost or stolen.

    • My order has been sent back to you

      Cela arrive quand La Poste n'a pas pu vous livrer car l'adresse fournie n'était pas correcte. Par conséquent, ils n'ont pas pu trouver votre boîte aux lettres ni le nom figurant dessus. Dans ce cas de figure, merci de nous renvoyer votre adresse complète ainsi que le nom figurant sur la boîte aux lettres pour la réexpédition.

    • The status of my order has not changed for several days

      If the status of your order does not update, please don't hesitate to contact us at

  • I have a problem with my glasses
  • Questions about prescription glasses/lenses
    • How do I buy prescription glasses?

      Simply follow the steps listed below:
      - Add the desired frame to your cart by clicking on "Add to cart".
      - Once you have added the frame to your cart, a pop-up will automatically appear giving you the option to "Add prescription lenses". One product means one pair of lenses. This means that you need to add two products if you want to order two prescription glasses.
      - You can choose from the following lens types: Standard, Comfort or Premium, all of which can be purchased with or without a blue light filter.
      If you have any more questions, you can find help under "How to buy glasses online" or by contacting us at

    • I have forgotten to add prescription lenses to my order. What should I do?

      Please contact us as soon as possible and we will send you a link that will allow you to complete your order.

    • Can I buy prescription sunglasses?

      Yes, in theory this is possible. Please note, however, that some sunglasses cannot be ordered with prescription lenses. If this is possible for a particular frame, you will find this option in the product information section.

    • Which prescriptions do you accept?

      We accept the following prescriptions:
      - Sphere: from -6 to +6
      - (Cylinder) from -2.25 to +2.25
      Unfortunately, if your correction values are outside these parameters, we will not be able to produce your prescription lenses.
      We do NOT offer varifocal glasses. This type of lens requires a highly precise adjustment that must be carried out individually for each pair, and can therefore only be done in person.
      With all orders we receive involving varifocal glasses, we orientate ourselves by the values for farsightedness, unless otherwise instructed by you.

    • What kind of lenses do you offer?

      The essence of any pair of glasses is its lenses. Here you can find out what to expect from our lenses and what different options we offer.

    • My prescription values do not meet your criteria, what can I do?

      If your prescription values do not meet our criteria, please contact us at and send us your prescription values and the frame you would like to order. Our team will be happy to have a look and see if we can fulfill your order or what other solutions we could offer you.  

    • Which lenses should I choose according to my prescription?

      We have three different types of lenses: Standard, Comfort and Premium. The choice between all of them depends on your prescription values and on the wanted aesthetic finish on your frame. The higher the prescription, the thicker the lens will be. According to this, a thinner lens will be necessary to avoid a heavy and less aesthetic lens to wear. Moreover, the thinner the frame, the more thinning is needed to get the aesthetic finish. You can find here our recommendations, depending on your prescription values: If you are still not sure which lenses to choose or you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: Our team is happy to guide you in finding the perfect lenses for your prescription glasses.

    • Do you offer reading glasses?

      Reading glasses feature a special correction known as a "loupe". You are very welcome to order reading glasses from us. To do this, simply let us know the values you would like us to use.

    • Do you offer varifocals?

      We do NOT offer varifocals. This type of lens requires a highly precise adjustment that must be carried out individually for each pair, and can therefore only be done in person.

    • Do you also offer lenses with prism correction?

      Unfortunately, if you have been given a prescription for prism lenses, we are not able to produce these. This type of lens requires a highly precise adjustment that must be carried out individually for each pair, and can therefore only be done in person.

    • Can you add a blue light filter to my lenses?

      Of course. We offer all of our lenses with an optional blue light filter. The product page for each individual lens will indicate whether a blue light filter is included.

    • Which values do I need to purchase prescription glasses?

      You can find a detailed explanation of all the relevant values on the page "How to buy glasses online":

    • I can't see properly with my glasses. What should I do?

      Please contact us at contact@lepetitlunetier and explain the problem to us.

    • What is the pupillary distance? Is it important?

      The pupillary distance indicates the distance between the centre of your pupil and the middle of the bridge of your nose and is given in millimetres (mm).

      If you do not inform us about the needed pupillary distance or this information is not indicated in your prescription values, we will use a standard pupillary distance. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that we receive all the necessary information.

  • Questions about returns
  • More questions